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Cakeory is a directory website promoting professional cake decorators, designers and makers, their cakes and the services they provide.  The website is aimed at potential customers who are looking for bespoke special occasion cakes.


Create a magazine inspired website design, typographical logo, website graphics and a range of fun-themed linking graphics.

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Website graphics
  • Source stock photographs

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Cakeory Cake Directory WebsiteCakeory logoCakeory definition on torn paper graphicCakeory website graphics


This was a very exciting project as I had full creative control over the website design and was also my first time using a grid based system for the website layout.  Using a grid system gives uniform spacing in which to align graphical and textual elements, providing a consistent and pleasing layout to a website.

I wanted the Cakeory homepage to have the feel of a magazine.  To achieve this effect I split the homepage design into two sections:

  • Graphical headline section to reflect the front cover of a magazine, incorporating the website header, navigation and selection of images, all inviting visitors to delve into the site and browse the contents.
  • Images and text links to popular cake types and information to mimic a magazine contents page, enabling visitors to find specific services, information and features that are within the site.

The site promotes a wide range of cake makers and displays their company logos alongside image galleries of their cakes to showcase their work.  Rather than clutter the website and create conflict with the other graphical elements, I chose to design a typographical logo.  Selecting a stylish and rounded font for the word Cakeory, I added the words ‘cake directory’ nestled underneath, to give the logo balance and a solid even appearance.  The colours used were chosen to continue this simplicity, with a fairly cool navy blue for the main colour of the Cakeory logo, and a warmer contrasting colour for content headings.  The strong contrast of colours also compliments the directory nature of the website.  Shades of blue are applied in the website header, site navigation and footer, separating it from the listings, which use the warmer orange for headings.