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Cake Decorating Classes is a website for people who are looking to learn the art of decorating cakes or who would like to connect with other cake decorators through their blogs.  Featuring cake decorating articles, a local classes directory and blog directory, it appeals to a wide demographic of cake decorators.


Design a header graphic to appeal to cake decorating hobbyists and bloggers.

  • Website header
  • Website graphics
  • Source stock photographs

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Since the website is aimed at individuals who are looking to learn a skill or enjoy it as a hobby, I decided to give my designs a slightly hobbyist look rather than slick and professional.  I chose a photograph of a cake – rather than create a graphic icon – to help people visualise their dream of learning to decorate cakes.  To compliment the cake image I used pastel shades for all my graphics, selecting shades of lilac to reflect the subtle colour schemes used by many professional cake decorators.

Contrasting font styles were chosen for the website header.  The site title ‘Cake Decorating Classes’ used a strong and factual font – to reflect the directory and informative nature of the site.  To soften the impact of the title it was filled with a soft purple and given a darker outline colour to lift it from the background.  The tag line used a handwritten font, to indicate the hand crafted nature of the hobby, in the same colour as the outline to bring unity to the two font styles.  As with the colours used, the fonts were picked to reflect different styles of writing found on cakes.