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My personal website is dedicated to my family and pets.  Having written some short stories, I wanted to create page headers themed to each story.


Create three fun headers, each themed to the page content.

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Short Stories Page Title GraphicFirst Snow Page Title GraphicSylvia's Good Deed Page Title Graphic


My website is family orientated and I wanted the graphics to complement my site, while reflecting the contents of the pages.

The Short Stories title is used on a page that lists the stories I have written.  Green is a relaxing, calm colour and I felt it lead well into the animal stories.  Selecting a formal serif font, I filled it with a nice mid shade of green and added a dark outline to give it a hint of formality.  Finally I added a slight drop shadow for interest and depth.

First Snow is a story about a  baby bunny’s first encounter with snow.  I chose a solid sans serif font and coloured it icy blue, with a very thin dark blue outline to compliment the snow theme of the story.  To bring the text to life I added snow around the base – giving the appearance the text is sitting in snow – and completed it with a soft drop shadow around the snow to lift it from the white background of the page.

Sylvia’s Good Deed is a humorous story inspired by a trip to the zoo.  To reflect the whimsical nature of the story I chose a higgledy-piggledy font.  Giving the font a brown outline, to give it form, I filled the text with the reticulated pattern of a giraffe we photographed at the zoo.