Rest Break Software Branding



ScreenRest is a simple to use and friendly rest reminder software.  It is aimed at individuals who want a gentle reminder that they should take a regular break from using their computer.


Create a versatile, non corporate, brand identity that can be used throughout the software and product website.

  • Branding identity
  • Logo design
  • Website header
  • Website graphics
  • Website favicon
  • Perspective screenshots
  • Software graphics
  • Installer graphics
  • Software icons

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ScreenRest WebsiteScreenRest Website TitleScreenRest Installation Welcome ScreenScreenRest Bee Logo in various uses


My branding concept was nature, reflected in the use of a bee and flower, and in the roundness of the graphics and font used. As the logo needed to be flexible – used in the software and website in a range of sizes – I broke it down in elements; flower, bee and text.

The bee became the main logo element due to its flexibility in scaling. It is featured throughout the software and website as well as being used as a desktop shortcut. The addition of the flower gives the bee depth and helps balance the logo when used at larger sizes.