Vector Art Application



A vector art application, allowing the user to design and create vector images using the iPads touch interface. The app attracts vector artists and designers of all skill levels and professionals who use the app as park of their workflow.


Produce an app icon that works at various sizes throughout the app, glyphs, and sample art for display in the app. Design a website layout.  Source fonts, iPad and Apple pencil graphics and assist in App Preview creation.

  • Icon design
  • Website design
  • Website graphics
  • Glyph design

Project Gallery

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Vector app iconVector app glyphsVector bird designVector icons designs


As a vector artist, and fan of iPad art apps, this was a very exciting project to undertake. I decided to stick with something traditional to represent the app in icon form, choosing to stay with the representation of a fountain pen and node. To make it exciting, and to stand out on a wide range of iPad wallpapers, I chose a bright orange for the back ground colour, creating the fountain pen in a complimentary blue.

Glyphs were supplied in black, to allow the developer to apply their own tint colour in app. Many glyphs followed familiar designs seen thought iOS, but there were custom glyphs specific to this app that all needed to compliment each other within the app. An artistic style font was selected to be used only for the app name within the app, and used to stand out, but not distract form the users creative process.

As with many apps, the website needed to showcase the app and artwork created in it, so a single column was used. Breaking up the flow of the site with large colourful images of the app in use.

The app developer also required some custom vector art to be created using the app. As he already had a wide range of artwork from talented vector artists, it was felt the new artwork needed to appeal to more casual users. With this in mind I created designs that were more character based and easier to understand the elements used.